These are merely a random but important selection of messages received which include warnings of events to come.......



These are reproduced in  chronological order and are by no means complete. Further they are extracted sometimes from longer locutions.
Locution received 25th December 2016… .3,40 am.. Home..
I knew that the Lord was calling but both fell asleep and kept Him waiting…..
I have kept the Lord waiting long enough….Why do I do it when I long for Him and it has been a while. It was unexpected however….
‘ I am The Lord your God… I have brought you out of the Land of Egypt. I have restored your hope. I have challenged you to be my disciple. I have fed you with the finest things and you have been healed. I have removed your transgressions and liberated you from bondage.
I have untied that which binds you and removed the burdens that oppress you. I have made you prosper and vindicated you before your enemies. I have given you life and I have chosen you from many nations. I have loved you with an everlasting love and loved every part of you existence.
I gave you birth in the land of deep shadow and I have fulfilled all my promises
I know everything about you and love you still. Why do you keep me waiting??
You wish me to speak to you but are fearful of what I may say to you…
Have you abandoned our relationship?
Where are the days when we walked and talked together? I did not speak in riddles but in affectionate tones and terms.
You listen but with half an ear…. And do not wish for my words.
I hear your cry for help but you do not answer mine.
Oh hear me my people, my remnant – the time is drawing close.
I wish to return- but my people are not ready to receive me. They look away.
Did the Shepherds look away? – No, they understood and came to see me.
Did my Mother turn away? – No, She embraced the Word in her heart and gave birth.
My people – Listen to Me, hear me-
Gather the nations. gather them
Proclaim life in Me. Reach out to all and be forgiving to all.
MY time is now – Listen my People. Do not run away. Do not hide from Me.
Listen and be still.
I am coming back and wish to greet and embrace you.
Halina, tell them – tell them- tell them. My love s boundless. My victory certain.
My love is everlasting
Abandon evil. Seek only Good. And we shall be together for all eternity.
I love you my little prophet. My suffering one.
Please do as I ask and leave the rest to Me.!
Will you speak for Me?
H…. I will try Lord- I will try.
Thank you. I love you.
Amen.                                                                                      Halina Holman.

New Locution received Wednesday and Thursday June 29-30th  2016: 
Seeking  the Lord's counsel on a few personal issues as well as concerns about the state of affairs in my own country I received clear guidance . Then to my surprise following a concluding comment of mine the Lord said the following:

Jesus... Wait, wait, wait... be prepared and listen. I will do all things for you perfectly. You have much to suffer - but so did I, and (I) see my children's pain. Await my coming with joy - rejoice for the righteous have their names written in my book. The blind, those who live on praise will fall into the pit of darkness for they have shielded their eyes from eternal light and truth. 
I guard the innocent and those whom my Father has begotten and chosen.

The nations are in tumult and fear grips the hearts of many. You have not heeded my Mother's call or my words. Protect and shelter the fragile and vulnerable. Make a way for peace, peace in the hearts of my beloved little ones.  Shelter and protect them from the danger that is coming. Support all those who wish to change their hearts and live in Love and for Love - 
I can do all things - I can gather the scattered and restore all to my Father who longs to receive my children, the Children of the Atonement, my blood, poured out for all. 

See the plotting of evil men. See the changes that will bring destruction and annihilation to many lands. Even nature is in revolt - but you do not see the signs, you who have my Father's annointing. You who proclaim the Gospel still do not see the signs. Listen carefully - do not disregard my warnings.
I call on my beloved to offer their sufferings to live, fully the commands of Love regardless of personhood.
I tell you this is a time of tribulation. The victory will be mine. Stay close to my heart. Proclaim the victory. Show compassion and mercy. 
Peace be to you - Shalom Halina, Shalom.

(A few more words of a personal nature were added, including my apology for having interrupted writing - the Lord uses our weakness. I conclude with "Thank you Jesus")

Locution received  10th July 2013. Home 6. 35 pm.
Many of the word spoken were personal and corrective as well as encouraging….

Then Jesus intermingled words addressed to many…..
Jesus….Seasons come and go. The world does not recognise that it has brought despair, strife, and wars into its midst because of greed and selfishness. Great heroism is required at this time as well as humility to sustain a life filled with my gifts and a promise of redemption. I have conquered death so do not fear. I love my own and they know Me
Do you know Me? Yes, you do. Live MY life, for through you others will know that I live and  that if only they call me by name I will run to their rescue and shower them with kisses for all eternity. I will lead them to better pasture. I will change their mourning to dancing. I will breathe new life into them and secure them. I will change their hearts. They must call on my name. Never abandon My name, never abuse it, never pretend that I do not exist. I live so tangibly near each person. I live in the bread that you consume, transformed into My Body not a faximily but truly wholly present. Discipline yourself to focus on this mystery. Your mind wanders a shade, do not allow it to for each second is a precious  in our communion and communication.
Do you not hear the angels sing their Gloria and announce that Holy is the Lord God of Hosts!

Jesus then continues to instruct me but then says….
Jesus…..Halina when the sun burns all before it. When the heat becomes the destroyer – pray that souls may return to Me and not be lost.
Little one – keep on the path set. Love all beyond measure. Pray My prayer to MY Father that you shall not be put to the test.

I love you- I am sufficient for you! Trust me and go on.
Thank you My beloved Friend, Consoler and God.


Extract from locution – 30.4.2013 1.40 p.m.
The locution started with some personal comments of preparation, encouragement and direction, then Jesus continues…..
Jesus: See how many things improve in the Apostolate. Help is there – use it. Do not neglect all that has to be done for it is very important – and build brick upon brick. Now is the time to expand and develop as the foundations are secure.
Pray for all families so broken at this time – Pray that all can be drawn together and be at peace.
Little one, grave things threaten the world – so much is already in place to disrupt and make people afraid and fearful. But they do not know what is yet to befall mankind.
Some are being drawn into prayer and have become aware of the Mystery of God, but they need to be guided and secured – instructed and inspired. Halina leave no stone unturned to help and inspire. Be tenacious; give up on no-one. I will help you and if they ‘say no’ move on and pray for that person. I give faith, I lead through My vessels. Do not be afraid. Now stop and rest.

Halina: Thank you, Jesus, thank you.




Jesus...Now is the time of Crucifixion for My true followers.....
There are ways that My people suffer.
The hungry are not fed and die of poverty while the tables of the rich drip with food and
There are illnesses that explode seemingly from nowhere and claim lives.
The earth is in rebellion as it reasserts its natural path and the climate is disturbed and lives are lost.
But My People, there are horrors yet to unfold that you are unaware of and seem to close your eyes to the possibilities.
Yes, war, yes disturbance. But families are now torn apart.
What was stable is now being made unstable and vindicated.
Believers are persecuted, killed or at least mocked.
And Yes -more more man pretends he is the author of life because he knows how to
manipulate nature and the structure of things.
‘Playing God’, Yes is that what they call it. They pretend that they have created life from
scratch whereas they have manipulated into being new forms.
(I watched something that told of genetic manipulation i.e. Spider- Goats. bacterial form and the whole area of Bio Synthetics.)
Halina, think and pray about what you saw. The dangers and exploitation is beyond mans
ability to recognise.
Man crucifies himself- not as victim for others but to destroy any realisation of My existence.
If man continues to ‘Play God’, That God must act to defend His Creation which He made with such Love.
Yes, man crucifies himself if he cuts himself off from the Creator and will eventually suffer the consequences for he will destroy himself utterly and become another ‘life form’ but not fully alive and free, he will cease to exist.
Halina pray - pray about this - pray.



Locution received this day 1st January 2013, Langley Moor.
4 pm.

As my right arm is broken I asked the Lord whether I should write on the Computer, first checking that perhaps I should try with the broken one. He drew me to the computer and unable to write any other way I proceed.

Jesus….. Thank you for writing this way.( Away In the manger is playing on the computer as I write) You are starting a new year as you begun it with ill health and more to come but this a blessing for you and you can enter into My Kingdom whole and repaired. My little flower of the desert, my little Rosebud and Cactus, now flowering.

I come to encourage you but also to give this warning to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. The time is now fast approaching when mankind will beg for peace and none will come. They will plead for respite from the storm and none will come . They will plead for others and only the just will be justified and those who even at this late hour beg for my Mercy which is boundless, 
But beware of the false prophets. Beware of those that promise much but their bounty is        limited. Beware of those who promise all the goods of the earth but who wish to take away My promise of Redemption to those whose hearts are turned and open to My love. I have redeemed you from death and I do not change my mind. How you wish to spend eternity lies in your own hands. Convert before it is too late. Plead for my Mercy for it shall be granted. But be quick for time belongs to my Father and does not belong to you poor mankind. 
Do not mock that which the Lord had made 
Do not desecrate the sanctuary. 
Do not make false Gods out of paper things and people who can vanish like the dust.
Do not ignore the many warnings that I have given.
You Halina are aware of the false and true. You have been gifted with wisdom and understanding, use it well. You have endured darkness that I have permitted for many experience only this. Do not let this impede what you do by faith and love for your strength lies in the grace I have lavished you with and not your own power for this is negligible.
Do not fear love Halina, yes it is costly at times but you do not now know anything else and so must increase your love daily. Have complete and utter Trust in Me and that I am guiding you and preparing a path for you to follow. You feel that you have failed to complete your mission for you have not found that chapel. You feel that maybe you have not been faithful enough to your call and compromise through human weakness. Do not judge yourself. I know why you have not proceeded and still beckon you on. This past year has been very hard but blessed for you and you have become very aware of all your shortcomings and faults but you forget that that this brings you to my Cradle and to My cross. You yourself realised the call to the cradle, to be childlike in your love of Me and those you encounter.
The martyrdom of childhood is crucial for the innocence of the young is a purity that man loses. We’re not the holy Innocents slain so that I could be murdered as one of them? I was spared but the entered the Kingdom with Angels at their side.

This year will unfold in a curious way but beware not to be deceived.
Pray much for those that I have entrusted to your care and those that you love so much.
Pray for all priests especially those whom you know so well and have become a special friend and Sister to as well as guide. Do not forget to pray for those near death and those who have died. Many have much to repent but they are my Brothers and special envoys.
I too had special friends and I know that this can be difficult. As you know human beings have the capacity for many kinds of love each can be a blessing even if requiring much restraint and self-mastery. But you have been schooled and your love purer, and I leave with you your preferences and longings for they are a special gift to you in human weakness and a gift to me in their surrender. 

Now Halina, the darling of my Heart, the flower that has learnt to bend with the wind and face the sun, My Mother wishes to speak to you on this Her Feast. She is both my Mother and Yours but She is the Mother of a God Man and her place in Heaven cannot be surpassed. 
Rest a little for it is hard for you using one hand.

Halina… Yes it is…. Thank you for speaking to Me. Thank you for teaching me. Thank you for saving me. Thank you for loving me.

Shortly after a phone call I received the following:

Our Lady……My Mother…..
Halina… Thank you for your response. Dear Child of grace and Bethlehem. I come to bring you comfort and reassurance that you are on the right road. The Host Apostolate’ is growing and will do so ii spite of difficulties. You may wonder at its direction and you were willing to change course and give it up if asked. But dearest child any changes will be done for you and you do not have to understand the reasons or the consequences. Follow my example continue saying simply yes to what is presented to you unless it is not holy or good. 
Be prepared for anything and be open hearted, You have suffered much but your ‘yes’ will bring much joy to you as well as others. 
Last year was full of many challenges and surprises. See how much help you received just enough financial to help you when you needed it. Have complete trust in the Lord Jesus care for you . Be prepared to leave behind what you have to and go freely. The time for this will be made clear to you but you will go with others that you do not expect. 
Be clear about you mission. Speak out when necessary and keep silent when it is of no avail. 
I AM KEEPING GUARD OVER THOSE PRECIOUS CHILDREN PREPARING TO RECEIVE My Son. You have already noticed the one or two that are spiritual. They are yearning for the truth. Give it to them regardless of what others may say or think. All is in your heart. They know that. Love them, pray for them and teach and guide them. 
Halina… I guard your family as I have said… I will not abandon them. Trust Me and pray the Rosary for them… Yes, I know that you find it difficult to say alone. But do your best for the angels finish it for you. Remember what you tell others The intention is important not the manner. Try to keep this to the forefront of you heart. |Other prayer is so much easier for you such as this. How beautifully you prayed it as a child. Do you remember how you use to jump over the pavement cracks to remind yourself of the number and to keep yourself going. You were so little and heaven smiled.
Little one,,, rest more you must for it may be a long time to endure… But keep that smile for it is a gift to you and others too. I keep you and Fr. B… is special care…..See what we are doing…. 
Halina.  Pray much for all those you encounter. Keep your attention on the kingdom to come.
Pray for Fr. P.P.  He works hard but he too must learn to rest more.
Now give the message to Fr. Louis.
I love you little brave heart. 

Halina… “Me too. I mean I love you too. Thank you for all your help. Happy Feast day”.

Locution received in Minsteracres Co. Durham on Saturday the 20th October 2012 at 8.40.pm.
(Extract from a longer locution)


Jesus speaks about suffering and then gives this warning….

Halina – Walk a clear path look neither to the right or to the left. DO not hesitate but always follow the Light for I lead you to safety.
The world is on the brink of a major catastrophe. You will see the devastation and all will go hungry and the cries of the poor will be unheard for evil will take precedent.
But my’ little army’ will be’ lanterns’ for those who wish to find the truth and they will flock to the streams that gush from the sides of those who have endured and still believe.

Halina look to my Mother more and more and learn to be ever the more wise and truthful. Do not worry about any thing – I will supply what you need at all times.
However much or little I will provide you with all you needs.

Adoration  Adoration Adoration.!!!



Jesus...Now is the time of Crucifixion for My true followers..... 

There are ways that My people suffer.
The hungry are not fed and die of poverty while the tables of the rich drip with food and luxury.
There are illnesses that explode seemingly from nowhere and claim lives.
The earth is in rebellion as it reasserts its natural path and the climate is disturbed and lives are lost.
But My People, there are horrors yet to unfold that you are unaware of and seem to close your eyes to the possibilities.
Yes, war, yes disturbance.
But families are now torn apart.
What was stable is now being made unstable and vindicated.
Believers are persecuted, killed or at least mocked.
And Yes -more more man pretends he is the author of life because he knows how to manipulate nature and the structure of things.
‘Playing God’, Yes is that what they call it. They pretend that they have created life from scratch whereas they have manipulated into being new forms.
(I watched something that told of genetic manipulation i.e. Spider- Goats. bacterial form and the whole area of Bio Synthetics.)
Halina, think and pray about what you saw. The dangers and exploitation is beyond mans ability to recognise.
Man crucifies himself- not as victim for others but to destroy any
realisation of My existence.
If man continues to ‘Play God’, That God must act to defend His Creation which He made with such Love.
Yes, man crucifies himself if he cuts himself off from the Creator and will eventually suffer the consequences for he will destroy himself utterly  and become another ‘life form’ but not fully alive and free, he will cease to exist.
Halina pray - pray about this - pray.



Saturday 30th April 2011 – Pantasaph 10.45pm – During Exposition in the Chapel-

After Confession - During giving the retreat On Divine Mercy


Jesus…..Well My dearest little petal – an attempt at obedience to an

instant call. You see I will help you at all times if you but will to comply.

It is written in Scripture that I do not break My covenant and I will

never abandon you.

You see how I speak through you to others and I touch their hearts with

Divine Love and Mercy.

This group has a special call for they have been chosen for their love of

My Merciful Heart and they will serve Me in all circumstances. You

have guided them well and the spiritual bond that I have made between

you and Fr. John (D) is a grace and a blessing for these times.

There will be other retreats too and I will guide your thoughts and

actions so that you feed My people in the way that I require of you-

Halina- pray much for all the retreatants and they have prayed for you.

It is the eve of the very special day. The Day that My very, very special

beloved Servant, Teacher, Prophet and Chief Shepherd is recognised for

his great service and holiness. He is a blessing to you My people for he

will also never cease to guide and succour you as you move into grave

times for the world.

The world is approaching a cataclysmic event that will change the destiny

of the world for ever. You have not responded Mankind to My call.

You have not been receptive to My Mercy-

Halina…..but Jesus you know that there is great goodness too.

Tomorrow Pope John Paul is Beatified and look at all the Holy

people – even those on the retreat – not to mention the Saints in

Heaven. Please, please have Mercy on us –

JESUS… Halina I will rescue the Just and those that believe in My

Mercy and Trust in Me.

How can I rescue those that do not Trust in Me if they will not comply

with My Will. If they do not listen to My voice. If they shun Me or shut

Me out how can they change. How can they receive grace if they shut

their ears to My pleading, Priests and Holy ones. Halina, be prepared always


Tomorrow is a day of great and final blessing.

It is also a day of Joy and also of mourning for much will be lost by those

that do not know what is to befall and do not see My Mercy.

I The Lord your God have come to show a hard world the gentility of My

Heart and the people still clamour to kill Me as they did of old.


YET I AM ALIVE - I LIVE and I want to gather all to Me.

Halina- pray for all Mankind tomorrow – Pray for those who cry for

‘vengeance ‘ [that they] will not be heeded but that the cries of the poor

and the hungry, those who are poor in Spirit will have a place in My

Kingdom for surely I shall be their rock, their fortress and I will provide

for them.

There will be groaning and cries of despair but they will not hear Me for

they do not know My voice.

Halina – stay close to Me always shelter in My Heart. Always find rest

there and do not hide other than in My Wounds. Also be constant. You

have been purified and cleansed by My healing water and by grace. You

have chosen Me above all else and I know how much this has been a

struggle for you because you have a mothers heart but you have

surrendered and I am your Sole Keeper.

Halina, always resource on Me and look to My Mother for help. She will

guide you.

As for that Base House. Wonders will unfold for you must carry others

into a new life of grace. I will provide for you. As you can see funds are

beginning to pour in from different places and I will ensure that both you

and the Apostolate so dear to My Heart are provided for.

Dear little Apostle and Prophet – always speak the truth, do not hold back

and never deny My words to you. Always rescue the lost and those who

struggle. I have given you many gifts – use them wisely. You are

gathering friends and those that can see what I have made you and how I

am changing you –

Beloved stay close to Fr. Louis, Fr. John and Fr. John A. Also pray for

(Fr) Nicholas who needs your love and support at this time.

Dearest little one stop now –stop –

I will speak again.

At this point exposition was about to end.



Locution Received Maunday Thursday during Vigil Watching,

Following the Mass of the Last Supper.

9.30. Church of All Saints, Ferryhill 5th April 2007.


JESUS......Halina- See how many leave Me at this time? A handful stay - six - all (others) gone.  Lip service they pay to Their Lord, not love of the heart. What more can I give them but All of me? What more can I endure that their leaving?  What more can I say than I have died for love of you? Love endures. Love sustains. Love humbles itself and remains constant.

Love can only give; it will not take back what it has already given.


Blood marks My way. Blood dripped from My Body, as I saw the departure even of My most faithful few. Blood, Life Blood, pours from the Heart of you Redeemer and Lord. I Am your God. I give you all that can be given - life eternal, life everlasting. Love can spin and spins in circles that have no beginning and no end. I encircle the world. I encircle every heart but the human heart breaks the circle and wishes to disown My love.


I tell you solemnly, the time is coming when those who are bound to Me will stay encircled, and those who have cut the bonds will lose the blood which has saved them. It will seep out through the circles and pour out leaving them helpless.


I tell you solemnly that soon, as far as the eye can see there will be groaning and fear as the land trembles and opens. I tell you this so that you can prepare. My dearest, do not worry if your mind seems empty and the many travails of life seem to seep into your consciousness. I know where your heart is.....In Mine.


Dearest little Rosebud, you have endured much in the past weeks and your heart has been rent into fragments, yet you love and love. This is a Mark of My followers.


You think you have not obeyed Me in all things. Yes, this is true. But you have tried so hard to live those Rosebuds, even imperceptibly to yourself. Yes, you must keep going onwards, never stop. Many have assailed you, and many more will do so but I will give you grace.

Courage, dearest one, courage. I will never fail you, even in those bleak moments.

Michael must suffer for this is his path to priesthood. Pain is his chosen lot.

Dearest One, do not in any way give up now on your mission. The end of this time of anguish is nearing to an end, and soon others will flock for My mark will let them see who you really are. Little star of Bethlehem do not be afraid. you will soon see what I have been doing.

Many also who do not believe will see the truth. There are many who are not followers of Me, still know the truth and they will come to Adore.


Very soon the world, now in grim darkness will see the light of the Redeemer. I will reveal Myself to the world, so that those who crave My Love and Mercy will be able to turn to Me. Many will do so but beware of the wiles of satan. His viciousness has not quite reached its zenith, though it is near, and he cannot abide the coming victory. He in his pride still feels he can conquer, and it is those souls that are the most precious that he is attacking through the many wiles and means that he has.


Little one plead to all people to My Father. Do not unravel the

mystery, but beg plead and ask for mercy and kindness. Pray that all will be spared.

Pray for all those that try to pray.

Pray for the Shepherds. Some are returning and need consolation and support. Pray for all the Apostles of 'The Host'. Pray for those who so abuse Me and those who so abuse you.

Pray for all your friends and family and those whose cross seems so heavy.

Pray for Michael. Pray for Father Peter, Fr. Nicholas, Fr. Louis, Fr. Brian. Pray for all those who serve and have much to suffer.

Pray for Bronislawa, Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum. Tell Bronislawa that she must not shirk even a moment of her duty.

Be at peace with her at all times. You have been placed together for a purpose.

Tell all your friends to be still and know that I Am the Lord of All Possibilities, All Pardon and All Peace.

Walk with Me tomorrow to death. Walk tall and walk with Me in peace for, I The Lord, require all to die with Me for Love.

Halina, Anna, Katarzyna Agnieszka, Love loves you.

H....Jesus and I love you so much, my beloved Lord. I love you, love you, love you....

JESUS...So Pray. Amen.





JESUS.......As the hours of this day ebb away so does the life of each one ebb and vanish from this earth into Eternity. But Mankind does not see the Eternal life as important and trivialises life and death.

The Father of all Mankind knows that the hours of the earth ebb away too, as Mankind impedes the action of God. The little hours of Man have all gone and time is now fast approaching a climax where the Father will display His ultimate Mercy and reveal to every soul its origins and final destiny. Man is throwing himself into self-destruction. Destruction of the God given life on your planet and life Eternal.


I plead with you all -- WAKE UP. Make this lent a time of Grace for yourselves and your families. I am gathering families and mending broken hearts. Those that resist will find that they are 'outside'  these bonds and will regret this bitterly but it will be too late.

Halina - hurry with the Beatitudes and Little Anchors. ( The latter needed reprinting).


The locution continued with personal information.....






Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Darlington Carmel during Adoration.


 JESUS........           The earth is now filled with Malice and Discontent. Those who desire to love have many difficulties to overcome and are mocked and scorned. Lives are empty and self leads to greater despair and even greater loneliness. To live in harmony and peace, man must leave all selfish desires behind. Today even the thought of abandoning self- rights is considered abnormal and people fight for their rights and not those of others, so that the world is filled with hatred and lies, wars and insurrections. The desires of man are counter to the very purpose of man' s existence, which is to love and receive love and so be at peace at all times. Even when darkness invades through suffering this peace sustains for when thoughts are rooted in love despair cannot enter. Yet many are despairing and have lost sight of their purpose and that they are loved. So deep is the fissure, that they cannot see that they cannot receive love and so cannot open their hearts to love.


Love is a burning flame - Love is an overwhelming desire to see blessings poured on all peoples. Love is a deep pool of beauty in which the image of self is drowned in the vastness of the water in which the Eternal Love lives and you become mingled with the drop within. Yet in the mingling, My face and your face reflect each other so that one face becomes visible to the Father and seeing His Son he welcomes you into His abode for all eternity. My love carries you to this destiny reserved for all those who love. Seek Love - Go into the every recess of your heart, so that all that is not pure love is evacuated and only pure love remains..........



Dear Child, keep watching the signs. Keep being that reporter and do not flinch at the task as it reaches it's zenith. There is a lull, although fires burn, so do not be fooled. much is seeping to the surface. Be aware of those very cold nights, cold night of the world.


Little Rosie, Unlike the flowers in your garden which suffer the cold night air and freeze to death, you must bask in MY Love and it will keep the embers warm and you will not freeze to death. Spend more time alone with Me. Seek Me while I am still to be found in your country, before they make it impossible for Me to be found.



LOCUTION RECEIVED in the new Chapel, St. John's Comprehensive School, Bishop Auckland, Thursday 9th March 2006, 2.45. During Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.


..... JESUS..... Mankind is now on the edge of a precipice and it will not be long before events unfold of great magnitude.


I repeat to you My Word: Heed all that I  have given you. Continue to distribute the Little Anchors. See how quickly they have left your hands.


Prepare the Beatitudes too for publication as quickly as possible........


LOCUTION RECEIVED 1st JANUARY 2006, 00.40 hrs, Byers Green.


JESUS........Yes, Halina, it is unexpected though you sensed my call and presence earlier.


The past year has been a year of sorrow for countless numbers of people, good and bad alike, and this year will unfold with many surprises, but most importantly it will bring a change of heart to those who have been lukewarm. This will come quite suddenly and unexpectedly and many will not know why they are responding in the way they are, but will be glad to do so. There will be an outpouring of grace such as has not been witnessed before, for I am a God  of Love, Justice and Compassion. But  for those who turn away the travail will be great.


. . . .


The time is coming very soon when changes will come to the world. These will  come quickly and there will be no forecast that will detect them. Man will shake his head and the learned and clever 'gnash their teeth', for they will not have answers, and they will find this terrifying, for their knowledge will not protect them.


Those who carry Me will be able to sustain themselves, for they will not expect answers, but will have trust as their 'banner and shield.'


Dear Little One, you see how all is changing. You see the strange seasons and that nature is in revolt. You see that man call the immoral 'just' and the sacred 'pagan and trivial'. All is up-side-down. All appears lost. But much is yet to unfold, and March will be a turning- point.


. . . .


Little one, fire and water will rain down on man. I permitted you to see the buildings that will tumble. Keep all in your heart and speak when I ask. August too will bring many surprises and the Heavens will be watching for a change in man. . . . .





 ........... extracted from longer locution.


JESUS........ Soon the sun will darken and the stars follow another course. The heavens will be in turmoil and forces will be unleashed inexplicable to even the best informed brains of mankind. When this happens, and it will, because man does not respond to My Bidding. Man thinks that day must follow by day and night by other night, and that all is certain and secure.


When will man heed the 'wake-up' of all that is happening?


Wake up, Man! I am your God and I control the Universe and all that it contains.




........... extracted from longer locution.


JESUS........ You see the great travail around you - all is uncertain - all is disquieted. Man wages war on Man - and nature impels man to take stock of his greed and his impotence against such forces which Heaven sends to make Man awake from his slumber - yet Man sleeps on as if there was never to be an end - but the infinity lies in the Godhead - ETERNAL is HIS NAME. You Man are finite - only your spirits combined to ours will survive and at the end of time, by Our Mercy will the flesh and Spirit be reunited.


More Hurricanes and Sea invasions will shake even the most hardest of hearts but will they turn to ME? The nations that reject Me the most will suffer grievously - and many good people will perish. The rain falls on the Good and the Bad alike - and God's Justice is not Mans!


...........Now is the time to be vigilant. Be watchful and do not ignore the signs and winds of change! England will soon know the suffering that others have already felt and it is unprepared - though some have foreknowledge of  the unfolding events. Do not delay in finding that home - go quickly and chose wisely. Soon My Mother will guide your steps and show you a path that you must travel to safety and in order to fulfil your mission..........





JESUS....... The World is now in turmoil - Disasters on so many fronts. Things will deteriorate and you must be safe and secure in the knowledge that I and the Father will guard you, for you must deliver your mission, bring it forth like a mother delivers her child.

In the mystery of creation the action of birth is both human and divine, for without the power to bring forth no child would be conceived or born. So too with any mission and calling. It is through your human senses that it is brought into realisation and fulfilment. Yet the 'spark', the 'flame', is sublime and infused into the spirit and comes to be born. Thus it is born twice - once in the heart and mind, once through the processes of application. The freer the spirit, the more surrendered, the more easily the 'child' is born. My Mothers birthing was painless because she carried the seed in her heart before she carried into the world by conception and birth. Free your heart so that it is unencumbered by anything else, save the passion to do Our Bidding out of Love. Only love can sustain and change all that is falling on the earth. Love, true selfless love, can change even the hardest of situations. Think not of yourself but only of others and Your King.


The world is in darkness. Pray that all will not come to pass, for man will not imagine the horror of the coming times. Halina, Glorify the Father, Sing His Praises - The Omnipotent, The Everlasting, The Triumphant Creator of All Things. Praise Him for sending Me, His Son, for Man can come to Him Through Me. Praise His Holy Name, Praise Him in the Firmament of Heaven, Praise Him Always!






JESUS...... and now the travail begins. Do not imagine that this night will pass without the signs of great travail that are already upon you all. My Peter is already in the Heavens carried by Angels - and your prayer will be answered - he will guard his sheep. Halina, do not delay in moving. Your outspokenness, even if careful, has been noted and the days ahead will be dark and My Little Flock will suffer much.


Tomorrow is the Feast of Divine Mercy. It is the last chance for man to plead for the Father's Mercy, for what will unfold will bring untold desolation to mankind. My people, act in faith and hope and love.

Waste not a minute in prayer and supplication that you will be spared the testing of souls and the looking for those who will remain faithful in the Great Tribulation. For indeed it will be great.


Halina, pray and pray. I love you. Pray.



During Eucharistic Adoration in Sunderland.


JESUS....... You do not know what awaits mankind. All is already travail. All is now uncertain. My people must have hope, but Hope only in Me.


Pray, Pray, Pray ceaselessly for My Beautiful Shepherd, My very special Chief Shepherd. Halina, beg My Father for his life, for if He leaves before the appointed time through the wiles of Satan, he cannot be replaced and the fulfilment of My Mission will be done with abject desolation for all. He is the Bridge, he holds the supports on his shoulders as many try to knock them down. He leads, you must all follow. The Pillars are the Eucharist, My Body - the Church, and My Beloved Mother, whose love of Her Children prevents even greater disaster as She begs The Father for Mercy. She is the Queen of Mercy. She whose Heart was broken now seeks to repair the heart of Man. Oh Mother, how I love You!!!


Halina, love your Mother as I do. Love Her. Always speak to Her and She will guide you...........


29th January 2005.


JESUS:....Little One - Peace be yours today and always. Little Weary Soldier - Prepare for battle for the war is far from over and the guns are ready to fire at all My Followers, all who uphold hope and truth. Do not be dismayed at these words, nor treat them as metaphors or exaggerations . Little Warrior, fight for Me for they wish to remove My Face from the face of the earth.They wish to follow a face filled with lies and darkness, penetrated by evil and ungodly.

They will seek to destroy all that is light-filled, that can shed even a glimmer of light on the Truth. You stand in counter-position, well grounded and filled with the Word of the Spirit. Listen only to Me and I will be your strength and guide. I will protect you in all circumstances for I need you to speak the Truth.


The world revolves on an insecure axis both physically and spiritually. My 'Lights' - and yes, they do exist and are hidden at present and more numerous than you think -  will shine ever the more brightly as the days ahead produce more haze and dimness, till all becomes dark and obliterated.


How little time there is left to turn to Me and plead for Mercy- Blessed are they that are merciful, but blessed are they that receive Mercy from Me for they will become merciful. Mercy is a friut of surrender to the Perfection of God. Man becomes Mercy-full when he realises his nothingness and harshness and looks on the Face of Love. When the Father's Mercy is shown, Man cannot be unmerciful for he has been shown much mercy. You plead for others because you have been shown love and filled with compassion and mercy by the Father. I plead for Mercy for all My Children, and they turn away from My Loving Heart, breaking It into pieces.


Mankind, I beg you to look into My Holy Face, look into My Eyes and do not turn away. Can you look even for a few seconds and not be moved? Why do you then reject Me and turn away? Do you not know what can befall you?

I  plead with you, do not reject Me, for now is the time of  forgiveness and grace. Learn from your Fathers, learn from your Saints. See My Beloved Mother's Purity.


In a short time, the Oceans will become full and angry, the movement of water will change and the direction of flow will alter the balance now held by the tides, the wind will roar once again and there will be more devastation.


The earth is out of balance and the air is being  filled  with that which cannot sustain life.


Little Ones, pray, pray, beg and plead  for Mercy. Look  at Nature, look at My Creation- so beautiful, so peaceful, My animals in harmony with all that I created, in unity with My Father and the Holy Spirit of God.


Do not drown your sorrows with false palliatives - alcohol, drugs, sensuality, wealth, selfishness and an eagerness to dominate others, and not allow goodness.


I am encouraging generosity at this time, to turn man away from himself  to others, yes, but to look to Me as the Generous Redeemer, God -Made- Man, God who lowered Himself  to save all. But you must look up to Heaven for your Salvation. Generosity comes from the  Heart of God.


8th/9th January 2005


As I was writing in my diary I was given the following words...


JESUS........Darkness - How dark the world is growing -  how tormented and unprepared. Mankind, bow down before it is too late and the shutters of sleep are closed and the bitterness of night, of unrelenting night will not allow light to penetrate. Many will be lost in anguish and despair. Many will not see the light of day. For a few days Mankind became fragile, aware of its own mortality, but how quickly it turns itself away from its own nothingness and hides behind  its common humanity. Can Man stop Nature? Wake up and believe that I, Jesus, intercede for you all with My Father. I am the Lord Of Mercy. Plead for it, do not disgrace yourselves by seeking other means of defence and prevention of events that have long been foreseen in the Eye Of God. With one voice cry out.......


Lord have mercy- we have sinned against You ........

Christ have Mercy- we have rejected You ........

Lord have Mercy - we acknowledge Your Greatness King of Heaven and Earth.


Thursday 19th August 2004.


Jesus....Halina, taken by surprise, little one. Yes, and fearful too of what I might say and reveal, so as ever you delay in responding in spite of Our Communion in love. Fear not. You know that what I say is deeply imbedded in your heart for I have already planted it there.

Listen, My little lamb. Listen carefully. it is a time of great tribulation and unrest and with every day that passes more is revealed of My Plan. You see The turmoil of men's hearts, families turn apart and unable to reconcile. You see the rootlesness and self-centeredness of the young beguiled by the lure of money and an easy life. You see the desperation of parents and grandparents who feel unable to change the hearts of their offspring. You see the turmoil in Nature. You see wars and counter- wars. You see the manipulation of Man by evil forces.

You see the penetrating of darkness into the Church, yet Man does not turn to God and beg forgiveness but only to more evil so corrupted has he become.

Little Lamb, do not become so overwhelmed by what you see that you do not wish to go forward or become despondent  yourself.

It is truly difficult to keep your focus, but remember The Anchors of Hope and the Rosebuds - they are for these times of tribulation.


Try harder each day to stay holy and do not waver even though satan is trying now so powerfully and desperately to shake you to the core. Do not let him.......

...... Great tribulation is nearly upon you, Man - Great tribulation.

Wake up, do not slumber, for time is now pressing and the wolf is at the door of the Holy Temple wishing to enter and devour the lost little sheep and destroy trust. The little flock is scattered and weak, weak from unrest and the battle to stay faithful.

Watch the rising tides and the heat of the sun. Watch out for that which comes through the air and explodes.


Little one - no not riddles but words to those who will know what this means.


Sunday 22nd. February 2004.


Jesus....Now listen to Me most carefully. The days when My people can go freely are numbered. Tragedy upon tragedy will befall the earth and many lives will be lost. The seas will rise and be in tumult and new islands will be formed. Places of safety will be limited and no one will be safe unless they have complete trust in Me. I will lead My sheep to safety. Many will be lost but they will enter My Kingdom.

Dearest 'Rosie', Do not treat lightly these warnings as if they cannot come about or purely by reason. You must go where I tell you and be obedient to My wishes.......


(The reminder  'stay away from the coast 'has been repeated often!)


Tuesday 11th September 2001.

JESUS....Now Halina do you understand why I must have your total  trust and unrelenting obedience. .Never has it been more crucial than in the days to come that My beloved remnant people do exactly as I bid instantly. One second later can be too late.

Do not think that this is the end of what will befall Mankind.

It is just the beginning and things will happen very quickly now.

Do not hesitate to respond  to anything that I ask of you but act only as instructed......


Saturday 29th January 2000.


Quite unexpectedly during Mass, at the Creed I found myself unable to continue past the words, " was Incarnate by the Holy Spirit". I became very still and I clearly heard these words.

Jesus...... Soon there will be a terrible flood. The country will be flooded. Tell people and warn them not to go to the coast.


( I was not told either time or place though I sensed' the south coast'.)


Friday 1st October 1999.


Jesus.......You were right to ask deeper questions about the explosion in Japan, for the consequences will be deep in the earth and soon Man will know The Father's displeasure.

We are deeply grieved at Man's refusal to lift up his eyes to the Creator and give thanks and render due reverence for the wonderful things of nature, the heavens and everything on earth.

Creation is now groaning. Man acts as if he was god and the author of all things, but he is not and soon he will know his error and it will be too late.

Little One, all about you is pain and sickness. All about is suffering. But much of this is self- imposed and as a result of sin and not that which My Father would choose for you, Mankind.