The Saints




The Christian world needs heroes of the spiritual life. Indeed there are many. A great number remain hidden and unsung though having influenced those around them.

Some remain remembered and sit in the 'heavenly places' interceding for us - but there are a few who are called to be exemplars beacons of light and holiness and a source of encouragement and consolation for us. They proclaim that it is possible in these times to live or die a holy life, and that holiness  is attainable in the everyday circumstances of life of a graced person.


The list below is made up of ordinary people, men, women , children, married  and single, religious under vows, priests bishops and cardinals indeed popes. The vast majority have been canonised during the papacy of Pope John Paul 11 and therefore  in the living memory of many!


All ( and there are others) lived and died in the 20th Century. Some died very recently. They come from many nations. Several still await canonisation and these 'blessed souls' have been chosen because of their unusual paths to holiness.


Although  listed under various vocations it is important to remember that all start and finish there lives as single people. Many change directions from lay people to priests, consecrated lay to religious, single to married and to become religious and founders. Some have unilinear callings some multiple ones. It is only when we look into their lives that we truly notice how the God that made them also shaped them and led them along many and varied paths to sanctity.


Each is different, each one in love with God.


Let each reader pick one and explore the action of   The Maker in their lives that they may discover  a path to holiness and purity for themselves.



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